Muddy York Films

At the turn of the century, Toronto, known then as Muddy York, was a blossoming city, full of hope, energy and progress. It was characterized as a hot spot for innovation and technology, rooted in hard work and determination. Now, Muddy York Films, much like old Toronto, combines these old world values of growth with the creative insight needed to compete in today’s market. Always growing, and always changing with technology, Muddy York Films is committed to deliver the highest quality product available today.

Founding member, Alan Sukonnik has treaded the waters of Toronto’s production world, working with large clients such as Tim Horton’s, Colgate, Ford and Gatorade. After numerous years in the industry, Alan decided to start Muddy York to set a new standard of filmmaking. Muddy York has established solid relationships with Toronto vendors and industry leaders, giving them the ability to produce professional videos using top of the line equipment.

A key concept of Muddy York, is that Internet is a crucial medium that for a client to broadly reach their audience. Viral videos have the capability of providing instant knowledge to anyone at the click of a button. This is the future of advertising and information exchange and we are here to grab hold and utilize for success.  

In house creative, production, audio and editing, allows Muddy York Films to have an all around relationship with their client, from bid to airdate.  With understanding of what the client needs and how to execute it, Muddy York Films will be 100% involved.